Live Art Festival #3 Wie Wir Uns Aufführen

"This story is completely true because I invented it from beginning to end." Boris Vian

HOW WE PERFORM is the name of the third edition of the LIVE ART FESTIVAL. In dance and performance productions, international artists present their positions on the theme of "manufacturing the real" and offer alternative descriptions of reality. Are we in a fictionality of the real or in a reality of the fictional? The invited works examine how man and the body - the smallest economic unit of today - operate in the midst of this question and create art spaces for other realities. With a tour through today's narrative of theatre, visitors are invited to consider how one can and wants to belong to one's time today.

"I am no longer the creator of the images - but of the frame, of the context." John Berger

All the artists in the festival play with the audience's expectations of theatre and use the stage as a playing field of the present. They do not reproduce scenarios of the real. Rather, they refer to today's values and shift the basic building blocks of economic order, whether money, war, work, knowledge or sexuality, into the territory of artistic productivity. Assuming that art and politics are not separate realities, the artists follow their political responsibility and make "visible what should not have been seen, and intelligible as speech what should only be considered noise." Jacques Rancière