Live Art Festival #4 Postspectalism

The LIVE ART festival enters its fourth round and presents a variety of artistic positions around the theme of POSTSPECTACLISM. The format "festival" as a social state of emergency, as a reflection of current production constraints, as a plaything of the culture industry and unfortunate debates on cultural infarction is up for discussion.

Kampnagel serves as a living space during the festival, is neither a place of representation nor a place of performance, but a communicative and social practice. Djana Covic's temporary pool installation on the piazza is, as a place itself, a performance and invites art consumers and producers to engage in joint activities.

Swedish performance artist and Deleuzian Mårten Spångberg presents his new standard work: for 100 days, in the service of the next choreographic uprising, he has hacked anecdotes, instructions for independent production and calls like "Make pieces that scare!" out into the international dance world via his blog. Now his texts have been published in book form under the modest title SPANGBERGIANISM.

The LANGEN NACHT DER PERFORMANCE will feature international guest performances as well as many artists from the Hamburg scene. In addition to dance, film, lecture, theatre and performance, LIVE ART is also dedicated to interventionist practices.