Accessibility information for SENSE OF WONDER

  • Language: German and English spoken language
  • Integrated audio description
  • Tactile tour: 7:30 pm, admission free of charge.
  • Registration via ticket purchase in the supplementary programme.
  • Sense of Wonder lasts a total of approx. 60 minutes without intermission.
The first row of the auditorium will have flexible seating. In addition to chairs without armrests and thin cushions, there are gaps for beanbags and wheelchairs that can be arranged as needed. The other seats are not accessible without steps. Blind and visually impaired audiences are advised to sit in the first two rows, as the choreography works specifically with an acoustic play by the performers.

The audience can leave and return to the theatre at any time. Furthermore, it is explicitly NOT expected to follow the usual theatre convention. The audience can decide for themselves how they want to follow the performance and sounds and movements in the audience space are welcome.

Blind, visually impaired and sighted audiences alike can follow the performance without any additional aids. Blind and visually impaired audiences have the option of attending a tactile tour of the stage space one hour before the performance begins.

The performance begins with a soft intro and then transitions into a loud chant lasting about 20 seconds. There are no other acoustic sudden changes. In the scene where the performers are connected by ropes and a voice from the speakers says "und trotzdem geht eine von uns verloren" the music gradually gets louder and then quieter. This will be the loudest moment in the piece.

Stage fog is used in several scenes. Every now and then, carabiners fly through the air, thrown in a controlled manner only in the stage space.

The lighting concept does not include abrupt changes of light. The colours grey, orange, blue and white are used. At the back of the stage are 4 spotlights on tripods that shine directly in the direction of the audience. They are turned up to 30 % and used only discreetly. In the middle of the stage, an object is installed that lights up every now and then, creating a glaring white arc of light 3 m high.

There is no accessibility provision for deaf audiences in this performance. Sense of Wonder will be shown at the Hoch-X Theatre in Munich on 21-23 July with German and English surtitles.