Jurrungu Ngan-ga

Call for support

Thank you for attending Marrugeku’s performance of Jurrungu Ngan-ga. We know art can change minds and hearts, but it takes action to also change things for communities. If you would like to take action, build awareness or offer support for some of the issues raised by today’s performance we have gathered some suggestions for you:

is a space in Hamburg for Black people to build networks, exchange ideas and helps them in case of racist violence or pursuit.

mhc e.V.
has a wide offer in counsel in different LGBTQIA* interests as transgender, gay and lesbian as well as migration and flight.

Asmaras - World .e.V.
Their activities include among others Family reunions Accompaniment Advice in any life situation such as asylum procedure, job centre, doctors, authorities, etc. in Hamburg.

Pro Asyl
One of the biggest refugee organisations in Germany, does in important work all over the board, but I find especially their legal assistance program important

Sea Watch and Sea Eye
Both rescue missions that rent their own boats and safe people in the Mediterranean Sea.

Each One Teach One
focusses on the community work and support of BiPOC, in the last months also especially for refugees from Ukraine, who were facing discrimination at the borders when fleeing the war.