Relaxed Performance

Relaxed Performance means that the atmosphere at these events is more relaxed than what one might be used to in a theatre. This is especially intended to make it more enjoyable for people who find it difficult to sit still in hard chairs for long periods of time (for example, autistic people, people with Tourette's, learning difficulties or chronic pain, and parents with young children).

The following criteria are possible in a Relaxed Performance, but not always guaranteed:

  • Audience noises are allowed or even encouraged.
  • Children and baby noises are welcome.
  • Freedom of movement is given: The audience is allowed to leave and re-enter the room at any time, for example to go to the toilet or to get some fresh air.
  • There are no strobe lights and no extremely loud noises.
  • The room is not extremely brightly or darkly lit.
  • We offer alternative seating in the form of cosy beanbags in the front row (these are installed as standard in halls p1, k1 and k2).
  • In addition, there is often the option for early boarding, i.e. an earlier entry into the hall to get used to the room and light situation and to find your seat in peace.