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© Sam Evans-Butler
Asset 50406
© Sam Evans-Butler

Cakes Da Killa



advance sale 14 Euro, evening box-office 16 Euro (50% discount with festival pass)

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10:00 PM

The rapper Cakes and his dancers get hearts, brains and backsides moving with the most exciting hip-hop-and-club-music mix of the moment. When Cakes Da Killa, the rapper from New Jersey, takes to the stage, he brings the entire innovative potential of hip-hop with him. With his explicit rhymes about gay sex, and his aggressive beats and sounds, the 24-yearold spitfire rapper has become one of the most exciting voices in the international rap scene, or as he puts it, »the most clinically insane cunt bitch up in the game.« Cakes draws on the legendary parties of the US ballroom scene, where gender identity, fashion, dance and performance were and are mixed together in over-the-top fashion. His energetic performances, which also feature live dancers – at the Summerfestival Cakes plans to collaborate with the Brazilian dancers from SUAVE – share the frenzied ecstasy of the ballroom world. But he rejects being categorized as a queer rapper. And why not: Cakes is one of today’s most powerfully eloquent artists, making music that is exceedingly colorful, exciting and complex (as evidenced by his new EP, »#IMF«). Hamburg is burning!

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PRESENTED BY 917xfm, Hanseplatte