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South Asian Hangout


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9:00 PM

The South Asian Hangout is coming to Hamburg for the first time! The South Asian Hangout is an event where the South Asian diaspora of different generations can meet and network. At an informal meeting with music and snacks, we want to provide a safer space for encounters in and with the community – because feel-good places for people with a South Asian background are still rare in German society and its cultural scene. The South Asian Hangout is aimed at all people who feel they belong to South Asian communities as well as friends and supporters.

The South Asian Hangout was initiated by the podcasts curry on! and Maangai last year in Berlin.

DJ Mzngo

Mzngo a.k.a. Aditi has been on the Leipzig scene for over three years, exploring as many different genres in her sets as the internet can imagine. Come to see her switch between house and garage, dembow, bhangra and kuduro, mixing desi and non-desi influences while maintaining a deep sense of rhythm and fun.


Born in Hamburg, Afghanistan, TAīīZ comes from an artistic family and shows in her sets the musical diversity she grew up with.
You can expect global beats, M.E.N.A.S.A. beats, Afghan music, Bollywood, hip hop, funk, R&B, Anatolian, Afrobeat, Central & South Asian tunes!

A young woman of colour looks down into the camera. The wind blows her straight black hair and swirls it in her face. She is wearing a red turtleneck jumper.
© DJ Mzngo
Collage of three selfie photos of a young woman of colour looking at the display of her smartphone. She is wearing a patterned scarf.
© DJ TAīīZ