K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg / Daniel S. Runge

Zitierst du noch oder bearbeitest du schon?

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7:30 PM


K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg Moving Heads – Conversations on Choreography

This lecture with subsequent discussion deals with copyright issues in the field of productions and performances for the stage. Key aspects are discussed on the basis of practical examples: when are licenses needed (for what)? What is a quote, what is interpretation and when is it adaptation? How are (these) rights clarified and what should be done when third parties violate your intellectual property rights?Daniel S. Runge has his own law firm and has worked as a consultant for copyright and media law for eleven years. Aside from working as lawyer, he also lectures at the European Media and Business Academy Hamburg, as well as at the FH Mittweida.