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Season 1: TheHost.Is / Darsha Hewitt
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Darsha Hewitt

Creative Technologies Meet-up #2

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7:00 PM

This time, our local meetup hosts Jeanne Charlotte Vogt and Alexandra Waligorski and THEHOST.IS artists as well as artists from Hamburg will look into code as an artistic means: Choreographer Jascha Viehstädt will introduce Studio Hammer Deich and his artistic experience in applying AI in the field of dance. THEHOST.IS artist Olsen will provide insights into his current project on the poetics of zeros and ones, our physical relationship to algorithms and is longing for support on questions of game design. And finally, electronic music composer and VR enthusiast MICHAELBRAILEY will present his most recent work touching on the spiritual quality of code.

The goal of the Creative Technologies Meetup Hamburg is to bring together artists, designers and other creative practitioners interested in code and technology in Hamburg. It was founded by Jeanne, Alexandra and Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli in 2016.

Join us for informal conversations, for sharing ideas and some food and drinks.