Asset 53878
© Aleksandar Stanojevic
Asset 53878
© Aleksandar Stanojevic

ePhil Extended: Marko Nikodijevic und Luka Kozlovacki


15 Euro (Tickets im Webshop der Elbphilharmonie, siehe Links)

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10:00 PM

The night belongs to two Serbian composers and electro artists: Marko Nikodijevic and Luka Kozlovacki. Both work with analogue and digital synthesisers as well as with ‘real’ musicians, including the Intercontemporain ensemble. Claude Vivier is an important benchmark for Nikodijevic; he even wrote a chamber opera about his murder at the hands of a young prostitute. From Vivier samples and their own ideas the two of them build a labyrinth of loops and drones.

live electronics: Marko Nikodijevic, Luka Kozlovacki