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Asset 119391
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Farhot / Kabul Fire Records presents

Sampling Watana/Silvan Strauss/Kabul Fire Selectas


12 Euro (conc. 5 Euro)

Past dates



9:00 PM


ca. 6 Stunden

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In collaboration with KRASS Festival, Kabul Fire Records curated a program that allows an exclusive sneak peek into the label’s creative cosmos for one evening – including Farhot’s first live performance of his critically acclaimed sophomore album in a specially rearranged audio-visual show that trails the sampled origins of Kabul Fire Vol. 2. Further Silvan Strauss – the newly awarded jazz drummer – will play an exclusive set of his upcoming debut album Facing released via Kabul Fire Records. Last but not least the Kabul Fire Selectas will take over to close the evening accordingly – a KFR DJ formation made up of Kabul Fire Records founder Farhot and its artists agajon, Qu, Ninja Kidsoul and Qadir Bijoux.

20:30 Sampling Watana - an audio-visual journey to the origins of Kabul. Fire Vol. 2 [LIVE]

21:30 Silvan Strauss - Facing Ensemble [Concert]

22:30 (until ca. 3:00) Kabul Fire Selectas: Farhot, Agajon, Qu, Ninja Kidsoul, Qadir Bijoux