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© Kerstin Behrendt
Asset 60550
© Kerstin Behrendt

Fraktus [Electronic DJ Set]

Abschlussparty / Support: Ralf & Tim Live


Pre-sale 8 euro / Same-day 10 euro (50% discount with festival pass)

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11:00 PM


A legendary Summerfestival closing-party rave with Hamburg’s biggest musical legend: techno inventors FRAKTUS

2012’s documentary »Fraktus« has been described as the »film experience of the year« (Spiegel Online), supplanting films like »This is Spinal Tap« in film history. The movie tells the extraordinary story of Fraktus, a band that invented techno music in the Hamburg-Brunsbüttel of the1980s and became a role model for musicians like Westbam, Scooter and Jan Delay, and that in the meantime achieved a status like Kraftwerk or Yello. In the wake of the film, the three Fraktus members Dickie Schubert (now known as Dickie Starshine), Torsten Bage and Bernd Wand began once again collaborating, released two celebrated albums (most recently: »Welcome to the Internet«) and have been touring through sold-out venues. On the 27th of August, Fraktus will play as a headliner at the Müssen Alle Mit Festival in Stade, before transforming the Summer Festival into a warehouse rave with one of their rare electronic DJ sets. Support comes from Golden Pudel Club / MFOC veterans Ralf »Rüftata110« Köster und Tim »Superdefekt« Lorenz who’ll prepare a semi playback EDM set with pre produced mistakes. Tickets available while stocks lasts!

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