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Ein Kreuzfahrtterminal


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This summer, the senate will celebrate the opening of Hamburg’s third cruise-ship terminal. At the Summerfestival, geheimagentur will be opening the fourth.

In their show ESSAY UPON PROJECTS last season, geheimagentur decided to quit working on art and other projects in order to found a company. Countless shares were subscribed to – and now we know what they were for: a cruise-ship company. The industry, after all, is booming, with 80 percent growth in the past five years. geheimagentur doesn’t want to leave this industry to those people want to make ever more travellers forget the reality of the sea, on ever-bigger ships. In their own terminal, which will promptly open during the Summerfestival, a raft will be built, together with countless guests. An open planning process will also take place, in which the future of the port will be considered. You can, of course, already go on the cruise. The raft will ultimately travel through the city to Kampnagel through the sluice at city hall.



SA 15.08. – DO 20.08. HOW TO BUILD A RAFT-WORKSHOP please register: info@geheimagentur.net

SO 16.08. 18:00 THE SEA ON SCREEN – FILM

DI 18.08., MI 19.08., DO 20.08. from 14:00 CRUISE STARTING AT TERMINAL

FR 21.08. 14:00 – 20:00 HARBOUR-SALOON Network meeting for alternative players in Hamburg Harbour and on water

SA 22.08. 12:00 – 20:00 HOW TO BLOCK THE LOGIC OF CRUISE (partly in english)

SO 23.08. 14:00 - 19:30 RAFT RIDE WITH LIVE BROADCAST TO KAMPNAGEL - departure from Terminal at 14:00 - Broadcast to Kampnagel from 16:00 - arriving ca. 19:30

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Executive Producer: ehrliche Arbeit - Freies Kulturbüro
more informatin and details in flyer of Cruiseship-Terminal or www.geheimagentur.net GEFÖRDERT DURCH die Kulturbehörde Hamburg und den Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. im Rahmen der 3-jährigen Konzeptionsförderung aus Mitteln des Bundes.