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Unboxing Unboxing: UTOPIA BOX


20 Euro / conc. 12 Euro / solidarity-ticket: 100 Euro / Only one ticket needs to be purchased per delivery, regardless of the number of recipients


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The Hamburg performance collective geheimagentur (literally secret agency) delivers for a week performances home. Not as online performances, but in a real box. Select and order one of the five different performance boxes and unpack a live show in your own living room. Right now, in Corona times, where so much is missing that you can't order online. The performance boxes contain touches, dances, drinks, utopias and much more. The geheimagentur delivers on fixed dates to the door threshold or in the living room from completely contactless to masked. Place your order now!


For: One or more people from one household. Duration: 30-40 minutes. Special features: The space for unboxing should be so large that it is possible to keep a distance of 1.50 m.

»Historically, pandemics have forced people to break with the old and re-imagine the world. This is no different. It is a portal, a gateway to a new world, »says the Indian author Arundhatie Roy. Let's start with the other world! The Utopia Box brings things and messages from existing utopias to you in the living room - and enables you to connect with them from your home.

These boxes are also available to order: BOX OF BOXES, BAR BOX, PRIVATE DANCER BOX, LOVE BOX, CAGE BOX, VIDEO BOX,

About the project UNBOXING UNBOXING:

Before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the geheimagentur had already planned to continue its research from previous projects on logistics and to make itself a shipping item. Because people are increasingly ordering everything at home, the so-called logistical zones, into which nobody is allowed to enter, spread from the port of Hamburg to the private apartment doors. The logic of logistics disappears with a few clicks and only becomes public again in the popular unboxing performances, on Internet. The geheimagentur has now decided to unbox the performance of unboxing and to deliver performance packages itself.

More about the project UNBOXING UNBOXING here

Delivery Area

In Hamburg-Wandsbek we deliver to the following postcode areas: 22089 Eilbek 22041 Wandsbek 22047 (just west of Am Stadtrand / Ölmühlenweg) 22043 Marienthal (just west of Holstenhofweg) In Hamburg-Nord we deliver to the following postcode areas: 20249 Eppendorf 20251 Eppendorf / Hohe Luft Ost 22049 Dulsberg 22081, 22083 Barmbek-Süd 22085 Uhlenhorst 22087 Hohenfelde 22297 Alsterdorf 22299, 22301, 22303 Winterhude 22305, 22307 Barmbek-Nord 22453 Groß Borstel (only south of the Papenreye) In Hamburg-Eimsbüttel we deliver to the following postcode areas: 20144.20149 Harvestehude 20146, 20148 Rotherbaum 20253 Hoheluft-West 20255, 20257, 20259 Eimsbüttel 22525, 22527 Stellingen 22529 Lokstedt In Hamburg-Altona we deliver to the following postcode areas: 20357 Sternschanze 22605 Othmarschen 22525.22761 Bahrenfeld 22607 Groß-Flottbek 22763, 22765 Ottensen 22767 Altona old town 22769 Altona-Nord In Hamburg-Mitte we deliver to the following postcode areas: 20095 old town 20097 Hammerbrook 20099 St. Georg 20354.20355.20459 Neustadt 20359 St. Pauli 20457 Hafencity 20535 Hamm 20537 Borgfelde 20539 Rothenburgsort / Veddel 21107, 21109 Wilhelmsburg (only west of the A255 / A 1) 22111, 22119 Horn, Billstedt (only northwest of Schiffbeker Weg)

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A production by geheimagentur in Co-production with Kampnagel, funded by Behörde für Kultur und Medien and Founds Darstellende Künste.