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Asset 105234
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Dance / Digital

Jenny Beyer / Nina Wollny / Chris Leuenberger



In deutscher, englischer und norwegischer Sprache. Die Vorstellungen finden digital und live auf Zoom statt. Wenn Sie teilnehmen möchten, melden Sie sich bitte kostenlos über den Webshop an. Den Zoom-Link zu DEUX teilen wir Ihnen individuell nach Anmeldung ein Tag vor der Vorstellung per E-Mail mit. Ticketoptionen nach Anmeldung über den Webshop: 0€- oder Soli-Ticket zu einem Preis von 5/10/20€

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Asset 105234
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Nothing is direct, indirectness is haunting us.

DEUX focuses on the meeting of two people as an intimate and at the same time precarious endeavour. The imperative of physical distance imposed by the pandemic becomes the playing field for three pas de deux in which the dancers Nina Wollny, Chris Leuenberger and Jenny Beyer invite each other to dance in changing constellations via video conference. They meet each other in a space that is not (yet) shared.

DEUX carefully tests the possibilities that open up when we work together at a distance. When it is not possible to meet in person, the search for connectedness becomes more visible than ever. Why do we need the other ? What does closeness mean right now? What is the value of the empty space between us? The duet partners share solo existence/soloistic moments and are challenged to find new forms of orientation with each other. A new performance space emerges and we, spectators and performers alike, don’t know yet who we will be in that space.

DEUX is a hybrid production that will premiere simultaneously at Kampnagel in Hamburg, at DansiT in Trondheim and online via video conference. The piece is created as the second part of a trilogy in which Jenny Beyer and team investigate the potential moments of encounter in the classical dance formats solo, pas de deux and corps de ballet.

The unpredictable quality of showing oneself in the moment of a performance, making the written choreography tangible through the encounter with the audience, is inherent to Jenny Beyer’s choreographic work. With Chris Leuenberger and Nina Wollny she is connected through a longstanding artistic collaboration.

DEUX was created within the framework of the rehearsal format OFFENES STUDIO in close exchange with a pysically present and digital audience. In this format Jenny Beyer and team offer tasks, practices and material from their ongoing process as impulse for an open exchange with the audience members and to develop new forms of encounter through being together.

DEUX takes place digitally and live on Zoom. If you want to participate, register for free via the webshop.

Evening programm for DEUX download as PDF

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Concept, Artistic Direction: Jenny Beyer Dance, Choreography: Jenny Beyer, Chris Leuenberger, Nina Wollny Music, Live-Sound: Jetzmann Dramaturgie: Anne Kersting, Igor Dobricic Stage Design: Marian Regdosz Costume Design : Gloria Brillowska Light Design and -technics: Henning Eggers, Øystein Lutro Blomsøy Video: Helena Ratka, Juliane Schütz Videotechnics: Malwine Mangold-Volk, Juliane Schütz Creative Production/Press: Stückliesel (Pam Goroncy & Jessica Buchholz) Production/Coordination Norway: Nina Wollny Artistic Assistance: Mara Nitz, Anna Thu Schmidt
DEUX is a production by Jenny Beyer in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg and DansiT Trondheim, in cooperation with K3 | TANZPLAN Hamburg and the MA Contemporary Dance Education, Frankfurt, funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and Trondheim Kommune, supported with residencies at TANZHAUS ZÜRICH and DansiT Trondheim.DEUX is a part of the Multiplié Dance Festival Trondheim. The OPEN STUDIO is funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR.Hilfsprogramm Tanz.