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Ju-Ping Song

Women Composers


1-day-ticket: 15 euro (reduced 9 euro, k-Karte 7,50 euro), 20% discount for two 1-day-tickets and 30% discount for three 1-day-tickets on different dates

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8:00 PM

Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

ca. 90 Min.

After a panel discussion with Ju-Ping Song, Frank Bretschneider, Maximilian Marcoll and Phill Niblock, the second night of the Festival presents the solo concert performance of Artist in Residence Ju-Ping Song. For 25 years, the American has dedicated herself exclusively to piano and ensemble music after 1900. For klub katarakt, Ju-Ping Song presents a programme with music by four female composers from four different countries: Anna Thorvaldsdóttir from Iceland, Nicole Lyzée from Canada, Lois V Vierk from the USA and Rahilia Hasanova from Azerbaijan.

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Opening 20:00 Parcours – Concert installation for a wandering audience in three halls

THURSDAY, 17th JANUARY Solo 18:00 Panel with Ju-Ping Song, Frank Bretschneider, Max Marcoll, Phill Niblock 20:00 Ju-Ping Song: Women Composers 21:30 Frank Bretschneider: EXP - audiovisual Performance

FRIDAY, 18th JANUARY Space 20:00 Maximilian Marcoll: HACK 21:30 Phill Niblock at 85

SATURDAY, 19th JANUARY Long 20:00 Gamelan Orchestra Sekar Budaya 21:00 New compositions and experimental films of the katarakt network 01:00 Sutsche