A large group of people move together in a small room with a dark dance floor. Some laugh and throw their arms in the air. Most are dressed in colourful clothes. There are ventilation pipes on the ceiling and windows on the sides.
© Anja Beutler
A large group of people move together in a small room with a dark dance floor. Some laugh and throw their arms in the air. Most are dressed in colourful clothes. There are ventilation pipes on the ceiling and windows on the sides.
© Anja Beutler

K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg

Movement Class: Dance Well


For all ages

Past dates

Under the title Dance Well, our K3 Movement Class will have a special focus in the coming months: »Well-being« is intrinsic to dance: Dance Well is a dance programme that encourages people to experience their own body in its individual mobility and is also explicitly aimed at people living with Parkinson's disease, their families, carers, friends and anyone else who would like to experience dance at any age, with or without previous experience: Dance movements are developed together and coordination and rhythm are trained. The physical characteristics of each person are integrated in an appreciative way and used as potential for new possibilities of movement. Above all: we dance, dance, dance together!

The choreographers are trained to formulate individual offers for different bodies and needs.

Rough timeframe within a class:

  • 15 Min. entering the space
  • 45 Min. practice
  • 10 Min. break
  • 30 Min. choreography/performance
  • 20 Min. feedback/goodbye

Azad Ümit Yesilmen

is a dancer and part of the national and international urban dance scene. Various dance styles such as popping, house, voguing, breaking, new style hustle and hip hop form the basis of his work. Azad is part of the Dance Well project. Print his course he focuses on time. By slowing down, he learns that new spaces are opening up in order to get out of the rhythm of everyday life and experience oneself and their surroundings more vividly.

Fernanda Ortiz

is a freelance dancer and choreographer. Her artistic practice between the performing and visual arts focuses on the human being, his perception, his movements and his body in relation to socio-social phenomena. She is part of the project Dance Well and wants to bring dance to people and places where it is not so common.

Muwala Paulo Lando

graduated from the Werner Seelenbinder School, an elite school for competitive athletes he began his state-approved training as a contemporary stage dancer, which lasted three years. After the training, he joined an urban dance group in which he learned to combine his gymnastic skills with his contemporary and the newly learned urban dance style. He is part of the project Dance Well. In his course, he wants to create a lasting awareness of the body and to be able to perceive it as a coherent unit. He wants to create a protected space for people that is all about their well-being.

Sahra Bazyar-Planke

is an occupational therapist, dance teacher and dance artist from Hamburg. Over the last few years she has specialized in teaching contemporary dance to people with restricted mobility. Since 2022 she has been running Hamburg's first professional mixed-abled dance company in cooperation with Soi Anifantis-Scherb. She is also part of the project Dance Well. In her artistic practice, Sahra’s main focus is giving dancers the courage to be creative and to express themselves individually. Sahra's aim in the dance well course is to create a space for her dancers that is value-free and does not put any pressure on them, so that they can become one with their body and are able to experience its expressive possibilities.

Venetsiana Kalampaliki

is a dancer and choreographer based in Athens. She is a graduate of the School of Economics and Political Sciences of the University of Athens and the Greek National School of Dance and continues her research with a Master in Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Her collaborations extend in the fields of contemporary dance, digital and visual arts, performance and disability arts alongside the development of her personal artistic practice. Her latest project Re-call was presented at the 7th New Choreographers Festival of the Onassis Stegi, the Holland Dance Festival and is currently on tour. During her K3 residency, Venetsiana aims to develop methodologies that consider accessibility from the beginning of an artistic process and make use of the specific aesthetic qualities. Observing links between accessibility, the city and the cultural scene in terms of participation, she will focus on the urban area in order to become familiar with the variety of needs and desires of mixed audience members.

Dance mediation: Ümit Azad Yeslimen, Fernanda Ortiz, Paulo Lando, Sahra Bazyar-Planke, Venetsiana Kalampaliki

The project is led by Comune di Bassano del Grappa, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, Le Gymnase CDCN Rubaix, La Briqueterie CDCN Vitry sur Seine, Tanec Praha, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo and Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari in Venice. Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.