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© Jascha Viehstädt
Asset 96733
© Jascha Viehstädt
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Raymond Liew Jin Pin: Kampung Baru [New Village]


Free admission, optional tickets for 5€, 10€ or 15€.


Die Veranstaltung findet online statt. Der Link ist auf das Ticket gedruckt. Dieses können Sie sich nach Buchung unter DOWNLOAD in der Bestätigungsmail herunterladen.

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In the field of traditional movements of Malay, Chinese and Indian dances, Raymond Liew Jin Pin searches for a contemporary zone, a »Kampung Baru«, which is surrounded by the principles of tradition. After training in various dance styles, he allows - together with three contemporary dancers - a new interpretation of his cultural roots and an embodiment of his biography. KAMPUNG BARU is an attempt to found a village that has its own brand new version of an eternal tradition.

About TanzHochDrei:

For the thirteenth time since 2007, three choreographers work in an eight-month residence in the K3 studios; research, research, try, train and exchange ideas with colleagues. In March and April the current residence choreographers Raymond Liew Jin present Pin from Malaysia, Luísa Saraiva from Portugal and Maria Zimpel from Poland. As part of TANZHOCHDREI, warm-ups, discussions and workshops take place in addition to the pieces - an offer to approach the topics and working methods of the three choreographers both theoretically and practically.

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