K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg / Claudia De Serpa Poares

Masterclass RAUSCHEN


15 bis 25 Euro (DfdK)

Past dates



11:00 AM


ca. 2,5 h

Masterclass With Claudia De Serpa Poares (rauschen)

For professional dancers and students. Binding registration until January 26th at tanzplan(at)

TICKETS for the show RAUSCHEN by Sasha Waltz can be purchased here.

Sasha Waltz founded her company in Berlin over 25 years ago. Her brilliantly, complex works are well known and much sought-after worldwide. Now she returns to Kampnagel with a new piece. While in Hamburg, company dancer Claudia de Serpa Soares will be giving participants of this class a chance to better understand their work.

Claudia de Serpa Soares born in Lisbon, studied with Isabel Merlini and Luis Xarez at the Conservatório Nacional Lisbon, the University of Dance Lisbon and at CNDC in Angers. She has worked e.g. with Iztok Kovac, Paulo Ribeiro, Luc Dunberry, Benoît Lachambre, Isabelle Schad, Grayson Millwood, Eve Sussmann, and Lilo Baur and since 1999 with Sasha Waltz. She also creates her own choreographies.