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© Maurice Korbel
Asset 64095
© Maurice Korbel

K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg / Monica Gillette

Moving Heads: Bewegung und Bewegungs-Störungen am Beispiel Parkinson


Anmeldung bis 03.11. unter: tanzplan2@kampnagel.deIn englischer Sprache

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6:00 PM


After an initial look in February 2016, we will continue to address the subject of »Dance for Health« in this season. How is a dialogue between choreographic and academic research expressed when working with people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, a neuro-degenerative condition of the nervous system whose symptoms include motion disorders? This question was at the center of two research projects in Germany and Israel: BrainDance (2014) and Störung/Hafra‘ah (2015). In her lecture, Monica Gillette will report on this unique interaction and how the concept of artistic residencies and movement research offered new perspectives for all participants.

Monica Gillette is a dancer and choreographer. Most recently, she primarily concentrated on the development of participatory, interdisciplinary research projects. Her interest lies on the question of what role dance-specific knowledge can play in a trans-disciplinary social context.