La Boom

DJs: Verukka, Stew, Lucas Benjamin, Texaco, Walkman The Soul, Jango P.Nd Jackson, DJ Crash


15 Euro or entry with the Festivalpass

Past dates




10:00 PM

Honored to feature one of the finest DJ line-ups that Hip Hop can present today and to put lights on the secret stars of Juste Debout: famous international and local DJs Verukka, Stew, Lucas Benjamin, Uncle T, Tijo, Jango P.Nd Jackson, and DJ Crash present their hottest tunes nourished by the flavours of Funk, HipHop, House, and many more. After 9 hours of the Juste Debout finals in the Sporthalle, LA BOOM! is the juicy extension of club culture on different dancefloors at Kampnagel. Every dancer and dancer is invited to get down and connect through movement & good music.