A blue and pink graphic with two blurred dancing people.
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A blue and pink graphic with two blurred dancing people.
Thematic Focus

Hip Hop Dance Week

With the HIP HOP DANCE WEEK, Hamburg becomes the global center of hip hop culture. This week is an opportunity for the various actors of the Juste Debout movement to meet in advance and exchange ideas, especially on the dance floor, the most important place of exchange in hip hop culture. Workshops, panels, battles, community formats, game nights, parties and club formats by the most important scene personalities provide the perfect opportunity for flow and knowledge transfer. The festival program gets its Hamburg touch through the involvement of important local scene representatives who care about community-immanent issues such as gender parities and identities, network and power structures as well as the limits and development potential of art.

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Hip Hop Dance Week at Kampnagel is a festival curated by artistic director Bruce Ykanji with the support of the local hip hop community. Expect battles, panels, lectures, workshops, and unforgettable parties. Festival tickets are on sale now. TheJuste Debout Finals 2024 are part of HipHop Dance Week.