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Asset 83658
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Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg

Eröffnungsfilm: Rafiki


Sprache: Englisch, Swahili, Untertitel: Deutsch

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7:30 PM

Actress Samatha Mugatsia will be present. The Opening Gala will be translated into German Sign Language.

Lights! Camera! Action! Put on your glad rags! The red carpet awaits you! Hugs and kisses here and there. Cheers! Long time no see! The excitement grows! Lights out! Spot on! Give a warm welcome to Saskia Lavaux and enjoy a selection of queer pop songs from the Hamburg band ‘Schrottgrenze’ who is accompanying this year’s Gala. Our film for the opening gala is »Rafiki«, the first Kenyan film ever to be screened at the film festival in Cannes. Banned in Kenya for depicting homosexuality in a positive light, which is prohibited, the film is an example of director Wanuri Kahiu’s newly-created film genre ‘Afro-Bubblegum’. »Afro-Bubblegum portrays Africa in a hopeful, and enjoyable way. We need new images of Africa.« The film succeeds in this goal, despite the many serious scenes. Ziki and Kena get to know each other in the suburbs of Nairobi, increasingly spending more and more time together. The affection the two young women have and show for each other attracts the attention of their neighbours, and also the suspicion of Kena’s best friend, who’s cast his eye on her. That their fathers are opposing politicians doesn’t help the situation either. But the two are quite unimpressed by opinion and a wonderful love story begins!

Director: Wanuri Kahiu