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The Kommunity


8 Euro (concessions: from 5 Euro, 50% discount with festival pass)

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Anonymization though unplanned gestures - in THE KOMMUNITY you transcend your cultural, sexual and socially formed identity.

Since 2002, LIGNA has been exploring actions that can potentially be carried out by scattered and temporarily associated collectives in shows, urban interventions and performance installations. Their radio ballets invite participants to follow a choreography of forbidden and excluded gestures in formerly public, but now privatized and controlled locations, like central train stations or shopping malls. In THE KOMMUNITY, LIGNA explores whether it is possible to overcome acquired gestures like, for example, those that express cultural or sexual identity, and to replace them with new ones thus abandoning one’s own identity for the sake of privacy, even in the analog realm. The spectators become active on the festival grounds, linking up with strangers to create a temporary community. Join THE KOMMUNITY!

Find out more about this years focus ART AND DIGITAL ACTIVISM here.

With: Ligna
Funded by: die Konzeptionsförderung der Kulturbehörde Hamburg und des Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. aus Mitteln des Bundes.