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Lydia Lunch & Ian White

Rise Above


Pre-sale: 22 Euro / evening box: 25 Euro (film screening at Alabama Kino: 5 Euro reduced with concert ticket)

Past dates



9:00 PM


Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled by the agency on May 6. Lydia Lunch writes in a statement that she decided against a transatlantic trip after longer consideration and because of the ongoing infection in her personal environment: »I have never in my 43 years performing ever cancelled a tour. It is both sad and frustrating, but I have to trust my instinct on this issue.«

We will try to find an alternative date at a later time, which we will communicate here and to all ticket holders directly. Tickets remain valid, but can also be returned HERE via the Kampnagel box office.

For over 40 years, Lydia Lunch has been one of the loudest, most perceptive and impactful musicians with attitude and cause: The no-wave and riot grrrl trailblazer has been using music as a weapon for equal rights and against thought laziness since her beginnings in the New York avant-garde scene of the late 1970s - solo or in collaboration with virtuoso noisemakers such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Sonic Youth and Nick Cave. After her most recent Kampnagel performance in 2018, she now returns with her intimate concert show »Rise Above«: to complex rhythms and driving grooves from Ian White (Big Sexy Noise, Gallon Drunk), there is Lydia Lunch at her best: with provocative and improvised word poetry, she penetrates body and mind and challenges us to face reality and repression.

How relevant, influential and unique Lydia Lunch is as an artist is just impressively shown in the documentary film »Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over«, which we are planning to show in cooperation with the Alabama Kino in June (TBC). Later on in August, the director of the film, No-Wave Film icon Beth B, will premiere her play 52 JOKERS with Little Annie at the upcoming Kampnagel Summer Festival on August 11.

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