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Nils Frahm



advance sale 33 Euro, evening box-office 36 Euro (50% discount with festival ticket)

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8:00 PM


Nils Frahm blurs genres and boundaries with his piano and electronics. He’s drawn new audiences to concert halls around the world, where he allows them to listen and drift away.

As a result, a concert has rarely been sold out as quickly as that of Nils Frahm this May at Kampnagel. Since then, the Hamburg-born pianist – whose electronic- and piano-performances have whipped concert halls around the world into an enraptured intoxication – has been busy. He founded Piano Day, a celebration of the piano on the 88th day of the year, and released a free album, »solo,« to mark the occasion. He has also launched a call for donations to help build the biggest piano of the world, the M450 by piano-maker David Klavins. Frahm recorded his »solo« album on Klavins’ prototype. And in June, his soundtrack to »Victoria,« the film by Sebastian Schipper that premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, was released on Erased Tapes Records. These projects mark a continuation of Frahm’s genre-busting update of 21stcentury piano music. Nobody oscillates as elegantly between pop, contemporary music, jazz and club music as Frahm. His pieces show an awareness of his precursors, including John Cage and Philip Glass, but are primarily defined by their closeness to the elastic beats and production techniques of electronic dance music. Frahm is working on a special program for the Summerfestival. Please check this site for updates.

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Präsentiert von 917xfm, Hanseplatte und ByteFM.