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Patterned graphics in shades of red, reminiscent of exclamation points and the title of the production.
© We Work In The Dark
Patterned graphics in shades of red, reminiscent of exclamation points and the title of the production.
© We Work In The Dark
International Summer Festival 2022
Installation / Visual Arts / Performance

Luiza Prado & Obaro Ejimiwe

Blacknuss – Technologies Of Joy, Care And Intimacy

A performative installation about the transformative potential of Black Joy and care practices.

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In their joint works, the artist duo Obaro Ejimiwe & Luiza Prado (We Work in the Dark)
create poetic spaces of community, care and memory in the context of racist and (neo)colonial oppression. BLACKNUSS! is a transformative large-scale installation that explores artistic practices of reconstructing and transmitting Afro-diasporic knowledge at the intersection of visual art, performance, music and experimental online radio during the three festival weeks, reflecting on invisibility and the public and intimate realms of Blackness. Locating them in the homespace, the artists relate to the radical dimension that building a home has historically meant for Black people. Through sound installations, sculptures and other artistic works, as well as a listening and reading station, this work makes connections between complex histories of migration, resistance, invisibility, domesticity and memory, and invites participants to explore possibilities of Black joy, care and intimacy.

Every Friday, different performances take place in the space. On Aug. 12, the performance dinner ALL BLACK EVERY-TING illustrates the relationship between Black foodways, the transmission of diasporic knowledges and memory. A participatory opera performance connects themes of Black domesticity,
material culture and rhythm as memory in THE TOOLS THAT BUILT THIS HOUSE (Aug. 19). And the music and hair braiding performance CAREFULLY, SO CAREFULLY (Aug. 26) delves into practices of radical, decolonizing forms of care. Obaro Ejimiwe aka Ghostpoet, will also curate a club evening on Aug. 20.

Artistic Direction: Luiza Prado & Obaro Ejimiwe With artworks from: Taiane Linhares, Taiwo Aiyedogbon, Obaro Ejimiwe, Luiza Prado Production Assistance: Viktoria Wojewodka Lighting Design: Sergio Pessanha Filming, Documentation: Miguel Buenrostro

SUPPORTED BY Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR