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© Dorothea Tuch
Asset 88036
© Dorothea Tuch

Showcase Beat Le Mot / Monika Werkstatt

Dead Season


15 Euro (conc. 9 Euro, [k]-Karte 7,50 Euro)


In deutscher und englischer Sprache

Past dates



6:30 PM

Showcase Beat Le Mot with their performance recreate a setting for a scenic discussion among the guests, while talking and cooking. For the opening of the XCHANGES FESTIVAL they extend it to collaboration with the live electro orchestra Monika Werkstatt. Showcase Beat Le Mot and Monika Werkstatt recently cooperated for the first time and dedicated themselves to the four seasons in their stage production DEAD SEASON. The temporary music-theatre collective has no fixed agreements. After all nothing is more unstable than the weather …

idea: Showcase Beat le Mot with: Monika Werkstatt (Beate Bartel, Gudrun Gut, Islaja Krach, Pilocka Krach) production management: Olaf Nachtwey