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Summersalt: Konzert im Rahmen der India Week Hamburg

Veranstaltet von der Hamburger Deutsch-Indischen Gesellschaft


HIER finden Sie alle aktuellen Informationen und Corona-Regeln für Ihren Besuch.Diese Veranstaltung findet mit der 2G-Regel statt: Zutritt nur für Menschen mit Nachweis einer Corona-Impfung oder -Genesung. Dafür entfällt die Maskenpflicht in der Veranstaltungshalle und die Kapazitätsbeschränkung.

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7:00 PM


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SUMMERSALT, from India, is essentially a folk-fusion band who have crisscrossed genres and whose energy is drawn from the indigenous music of the ethnic tribes of India’s north-eastern state of Meghalaya. Their works reflect the life, the history, the struggles, the joys, the fears, the hopes and the future of the people. The band has shared its music with leading voices of the Indian music scene and Bollywood. They bring with them public and communications experiences that easily and naturally position them as brand ambassadors of their country.

Kit the leader and main vocal is a thinking singer-song writer, musician, music and film critique, photographer and film maker. Ador plays the traditional instrument known as the Duitara. Greg is a Blues / Jazz / Rock guitarist. Suk is the lone lady, the power house of Summersalt, with a strong voice who sings multi-lingual. Weet is the composed percussionist. Dajied is a unique musician, because with him he brings value to the percussion and the pipe section. He plays the traditional drums the ksing shynrang, ksing kynthei, Ka Bom, Ka Shawshaw and other hill percussion instruments. Pynshai is the welder of the band, holding the bass guitar and he’s got grit and grace that makes the music contagious.