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© Insub Meta Orchestra
Asset 74344
© Insub Meta Orchestra

Festival Day 1: Opening


1-day-ticket: 15 euro (reduced 9 euro, k-Karte 7,50 euro), 20% discount for two 1-day-tickets and 30% discount for three 1-day-tickets on different dates

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8:00 PM

The Festival opens with a evening-length walk-in concert installation created by Swiss Insub Meta Orchestra in collaboration with klub katarakt.

Insub Meta Orchestra (IMO) is a large ensemble of about 30 – 50 international musicians based on experimental and electro-acoustic musicianship. Founded in 2010 by Cyril Bondi and d’incise, it has been developing a very characteristic and highly collectivistic way of music making in which individual gestures merge and disappear in global soundscapes. klub katarakt is presenting the Insub Meta Orchestra for the first time in Hamburg.