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© Hanadi Chawaf
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© Hanadi Chawaf
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Tag 4 - Monochromie

mit Ebaa Munther u.a.


Tickets: Eintritt zum Souq: 5 € / mit Musikprogramm: 12 €Die Erlöse des Revolutionary Souq gehen an das Hatay und Kiles Camp für Geflüchtete in der Türkei.Souq, Galerie, Panels, Filmprogramm ab 18:00 / Musikprogramm ab 22:00.

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6:00 PM

The only remaining option for many Syrians was to leave their homeland. In Syria, the regime has now imposed itself. A colorful diversity of opinions and positions has been replaced by a uniform sadness. There is no more critical opposition; everything is monochrome. But in exile, repression and discrimination bubble up again. The film program on the final day focuses on the experience of fleeing and, relatedly, on the fight for self-determination in a new culture. In her interactive performance, the artist Ebaa Munther reflects on life in exile as well as on language problems. The band Shkoon, which was founded in exile, plays on the marketplace of ruined dreams.