TDDB sw Credti Katharina Geling1
© Katharina Geling
TDDB sw Credti Katharina Geling1
© Katharina Geling

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys

Duo Duo Tour


Pre-Sale 20 Euro / Evening Box 25 Euro


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8:30 PM


Do you have to come from Essen, like the Düsseldorf Düsterboys, to write such wonderfully energy-less songs of outside modern life? Or are Pedro Goncalves Crescenti and Peter Rubel, who released one of the undisputed best albums of the past decade with their second band International Music, simply ingenious crooners who counter all toxic masculinity with a disarming softness? Probably both and one thing is for sure: If the second studio album “DUO DUO” announced for October is only half as good as the first single “Ab und zu”, the genre of Düsterboys-folk has a great future.

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