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© Thies Rätzke
Asset 76638
© Thies Rätzke

K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg / Tian Rotteveel

TanzHochDrei: Only when it's on


15 euro (reduced 9 euro)

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7:30 PM



7:30 PM



7:30 PM

Let us gather in a room inside of a room, let us look and listen to a thing which appears and appears, becoming a dreamdance, a dreamsong, a dreamspeech. To the point it doesn't matter anymore wether it's movement, light or sound or which mixture of them. Let us gather to follow, disappearing on an island, life is a billion heartbeats. ONLY WHEN IT'S ON is a site where 2 performers inquire into the act of intertwining music, movement and light and learning how to disappear and appear in different ways.


This year’s choreographers in residence at K3 present their final works.

Pavlos Kountouriotis: TWO BOBS AND A STEVE (Do 08.03. - Sa 10.03. / 19:30)

Loïc Perela: VOICE (Do 15.03. - Sa 17.03. / 19:30)

Only when it's on is a production by Tian Rotteveel, in coproduction with K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. The K3 residence choreographies 2018 are kindly supported by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.