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pay as much as you can

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Slavery is dead, long live the slavery – so be a slave to the rhythm! From a physical point of view, dance is more work than eight hours sitting motionless on the same spot in front of the computer and asking yourself what it’s all for. The latter will give you more money. What do you say, Missy? Is it worth it? – Let me work it? The Queereeoké crew never even roll their eyes: Fuck you – pay me! Secretary Renate Stahl gave up working overtime a long time ago, she just wanders around. Sebastian von Sebastian joins the Village People not because of their jobs, Danny Banany refuses to continue with Blue Monday, going for Blue Lagoon instead and Dancing Svensation barely gets Bianca to bring him a coffee anymore – for singing makes you feel awake and relaxed. And FREE! With some Schnapps and karaoke hits from the last few decades, the tired bones decolonise and the Pay Gap Band sings: Take your tie off – be your own boss!