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Live Art Festival #6 Excess Yourself

The International Live Art Festival # 6: EXCESS YOURSELF! deals with excess as its method. So the title should be interpreted as a motto and an attitude, and not as an offensive, curatorial and topical settlement. William Blake coined the slogan, ‘Wisdom through Excess’ – a message that the festival takes extremely seriously. This international theatre rave transforms the Kampnagel premises into an Acid Bayreuth, if not before then at the showdown between the two theatre groups HGich.T and God’s Entertainment. Goa as social practice, performance speed at the European premiere of the pop star series by Neal Medlyn, the post colonial performance practice of Ariel Eshraim Ashbel, ballet cyberpunk from Halla Ólafsdóttir and project-related specialist knowledge from Geheimagentur: This wild mixture awaits you! Alongside the excessive performance overkill there are also short breathers: The HIDEAWAY is set up in the AVANT-GARDEN and offers moments of contemplation and of introspection.

So come along everyone: hippies, yippies, poets, punks, junkies and queers. Art is sexy! Art is money-sexy! Art is money-sexy-social-climbing fantastic! (T. Hoving) Waste your youth, your retirement or whatever else: Excess Yourself!