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A purple graphic with the words IN THE LOOP in black letters.

Season 3: TheHost.Is / Dreaming Beyond AI

In the Loop: On Artificial Intelligence and Time

The third edition of the residency program for art and digitality is hosted by the collective Dreaming Beyond AI and focuses on the connection between Artificial Intelligence and Time.

The collective will invite five artists in residence to examine, question, and transform the common understanding and social narratives of temporalities in the frame of AI discourse(s). Time and temporalities are heavily embedded in today’s AI. How are time and temporalities experienced in relation with AI systems? Who saves time with AI and whose time resources are shrinking? What pasts does AI perpetuate?

The residents apply via an open call, meet near Hamburg for a one-week internal community meeting with the other residents, and present their work results at a symposium at Kampnagel in fall 2023.

THEHOST.IS is a hybrid residency program by Kampnagel and the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, which aims to connect players from the Hamburg and international art and tech scenes both locally and online. For this third edition, the host.is collaborates with Dreaming Beyond AI, a project that is conceptualized and curated by Nushin Yazdani and Raziye Buse Çetin and is realized in collaboration with ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.The project's approach questions the touring exhibition format established at ifa over many years and seeks to enable new and flexible artistic practices in its various (digital as well as physical) forms.

  • Open Arts and Technologies Meetup (Mi-05.04. / 19:00 / free entrance / venue: Fab Lab Hamburg, Stockmeyerstr. 43 Halle 4K)
  • Open Arts and Technologies Meetup ((Di-27.06. / 19:00 / free entrance / venue: tba)
  • Final presentation + symposium (Autum 2023, details tbc.)

thehost.is Dreaming Beyond AI

Dreaming Beyond AI is a multi-disciplinary and collaborative platform bringing together artists, researchers, activists, and policymakers to create new narratives and visions around AI technologies. Dreaming Beyond AI is a space for critical and constructive knowledge, visionary fiction and speculative art, and community organizing around Artificial Intelligence. AI technologies reinforce existing injustices and discrimination. Decision-making processes are increasingly being outsourced to algorithmic systems – by the police and in court, in schools and in job application procedures, in government offices, at border crossings, and elsewhere. With Dreaming Beyond AI, we aim to challenge both the way AI is used today, and the societal structures that uphold algorithmic oppression. We use AI as a gateway to broader societal questions around marginalization, imagination, futurism, feminism, and how we experience the present. The goal is to de-center technology and use it as a tool rather than main instrument for connection and a coming together. It is an experiment to a curated space where people enter with a shared sense of values and agreements.

R. Buse Çetin is an AI researcher, consultant, and creative. Her work revolves around the ethics, impact, and governance of AI systems. Buse’s work aims to demystify the intersectional impact of AI technologies through research, policy advocacy, and art. For Dreaming Beyond AI, Buse heads research and concept development, as well as working on curation and communication.

Nushin Yazdani is a transformation designer, artist, and AI design researcher. She works with machine learning, design justice, and intersectional feminist practices, and writes about the systems of oppression of the present and the possibilities for just and free futures. With her collective dgtl fmnsm, she curates and organizes community events at the intersection of technology, art, and design. Nushin has lectured at various universities, is an EYEBEAM and Landecker Democracy Fellow and a member of the Design Justice Network. She has been selected as one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2021. For Dreaming Beyond AI, Nushin heads creative direction, and works on concept development and curation.

Iyo Bisseck is a Paris-based designer, researcher, artist and coder extraordinaire. She holds a BA in media interaction design from ECAL in Lausanne and an MA in virtual and augmented reality research from Institut Polytechnique Paris. Interested in the biases showing the link between technologies and systems of domination, she explores the limits of virtual worlds to create alternative narratives.

Sarah Diedro Jordão is a multi-passion & versatile consultant who works as a Communications strategist, podcast host, event moderator & workshop creator. The driving interests foundational to her work are social justice, intersectional feminism, collective dreaming and Black joy. She is the communications manager for Dreaming Beyond AI.