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KRASS Kultur Crash Festival 3

While new barbed wire fences are being put up on the edges of Europe and the borders are being closed, the good life is being lived on the backs of migrants and "invisible" service providers. The ground staff of the present is invisible and poorly paid. When democracy is spoken of, what is really meant is capitalism. What one earns is taken away from the other. The shadow economy flourishes, while the roles of winners and losers are clearly distributed. With the third festival edition, KRASS wants to break through this logic and give a voice to those who toil in the shadows of our system until no doctor comes. KRASS presents a cross-genre mix of theater, film, concerts, installations and performances. The experimental intercultural festival is curated by Bosnian director Branko Šimić together with performer and dramaturge Nikola Duric.

Festival center in the Ecofavela (Refugium & Baltic Raw, Hamburg).

EcoFAVELA Lampedusa-Nord at Kampnagel is an action space for refugees designed by the artist group Baltic Raw. During the KRASS Festival, Ilhana Verem, Biljana Milkov and Jevgeni Roppel's Refugium will move in there and be both festival center and retreat space. Through sound, performance and video installations, power and order are to be dissolved and the discussion about social and cultural structures is to be initiated.

[Wed] 11.02. to [Sat] 21.02. / 18:00-20:00, on all performance evenings, free admission.

The KRASS Festival is supported by the Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Rusch Stiftung and Stiftung Maritim.