Open Call

Artistic Residencies Exil Heute

Deadline for Artistic production residencies extended

Over the past two years, the Körber Foundation and Kampnagel Hamburg have collaborated to award artistic production residencies under the title EXIL TODAY. The residency program deals with the arts that emerge under the conditions of exile. The aim of this cooperation is to bring the topic of exile to the stage, to make innovative artistic formats accessible to a broad public, to show the complexity of exile by artists, and to anchor the topic in the context of memory-cultural processes. The aim is, on the one hand, to address the general and individual aspects of exile and, on the other, to open up a multi-perspective and differentiated view of the arts in exile.

The basic idea of the residency is the production or completion and subsequent presentation of new stage works or works adapted for the local context from the genres of theater, performance and dance. The production and performance venue will be Kampnagel in Hamburg. The call for proposals is internationally oriented and primarily addresses artists with their own or family's experience of exile. Due to the reality of their lives, artists living in exile have the knowledge and experience of living in different societies; precisely because of their multi-layered identities and their transnational character, they are in a position to become an engine of development for countries of origin and host countries. However, artists who do not have own experience of exile, but nevertheless deal with the topic of exile, are also encouraged to submit applications. Support is given to independent artists or groups, i.e. artists who are not affiliated with any particular institution. The selected artists will work on innovative aesthetics and formats for theater, performance and dance.

We explicitly encourage people of all genders, disabled artists, Black people, People of Color and indigenous people to apply.

Application deadline: 30. October 2022