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International Summer Festival 2021
Visual Arts / Discourse / Digital

Christoph Faulhaber



Live auf Kampnagel in der P1 und zusätzlich Online. Eintritt frei.

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6:00 PM

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In his latest work, Christoph Faulhaber brings together artists and programmers to explore the potential of artificial intelligence for artistic practice.

With his surprising projects, Hamburg-based artist Christoph Faulhaber is always pushing forward interesting social and artistic debates. Like our festival conference, his latest work also focuses on the much-discussed topic of artificial intelligence (AI), but from the perspevctive of artistic production - in the context of AI's ability to create new worlds on its own and thus leave behind long-established definitions of the relationship between work and authorship. Faulhaber brings together artists from various disciplines with programmers via a worldwide call for entries and a network of international partner institutions. Together they will create artistic works with the help of artificial intelligence at a hybrid hackathon that will take place simultaneously at various locations around the world. The process will be accompanied by experts from the fields of art, artificial intelligence, technology and science, who will advise the teams. At the International Summer Festival, the public can accompany the creation process of the artistic works for three days in a room-sized installation. For this, the various art and programming teams will work in a moderated process in person or via video stream in Kampnagel hall. Following the hackathon, the finished digital works will be on display at the Hertz Lab at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, among other places.

HERE you will find all the latest information and Corona rules for your visit.



13:00 - Opening Local Hub in Riyadh, Alfaisal, Areej Al-Wabil 13:00 - Opening Local Hub in Thuwal, KAUST, Mohamed Elhoseiny 15:00 - Opening Local Hub in Hyderabad, Goethe Zentrum 18:00 - Opening Local Hub in Hamburg, Kampnagel, Christoph Faulhaber 19:00 - Celebratory Opening of virtual branch SAAI Factory at CryptoVoxels, Uwe Dresemann (Builder) 20:00 - Opening Local Hub in Lagos, Areva, Mohammed Ibrahim Jega 20:00 - Opening Local Hub in Zürich, ZHdK, Paulina Zybinska 20:30 - Infinite Borders, Interactive art presentation at Kampnagel, Marc Schipper, Lucas Beyer, Frauke Lindemann


13:00 - Local Hub in Riyadh, Alfaisal, Areej Al-Wabil 13:30 - Local Hub in Thuwal, KAUST, Mohamed Elhoseiny 15:00 - Local Hub in Hyderabad, Goethe Zentrum 16:00 - Local Hub in Hamburg, Kampnagel, Christoph Faulhaber 17:00 - INTERIM PRESENTATIONS: Participants of the Hackathon present their progress in a five-minute pitch to the people in the jury, Zoom and in presence. In Hamburg present: Isaac Sullivan, Artist, Dubai; Florian Dohmann, Co-Founder and Chief Creative of Birds on Mars; Barry Reese, Insight & Data, Capgemini Germany; Bettina Steinbrügge, Director at Kunstverein Hamburg; Rik Reinking, Woods Art Institute; Peter Kabel, Serial Entrepreneur and Professor for Interaction Design at HAW Hamburg 20:00 Uhr - Local Hub in San Francisco, Botanical Garden, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Lia Coleman, Michelle Cheung


Local Hubs will be running

15:00 - 16:30: Interaktive Workshop with Dalia Moniat and Sarah Steffens Humanizing AI – Consciousness, Philosophy and Art History (in German)

Artificial intelligence and art have one thing in common. They are abstract in their essence and conceptual derivation and must be filled with concrete examples for conceptual clarification. Which technical solutions are already turning our current understanding of art upside down? How can we use artistic appropriation to vividly convey the topic of AI? To what extent can AI optimise or even replace the creative process of making art, and where does the potential of AI actually lie in the artistic realm? Following a brief introduction to the art-historical and philosophical foundations of the concept of art and the aesthetic effects of art, Dalia and Sarah will discuss central questions from current professional discussions in order to grasp the areas of application of artificial intelligence in the field of creative artistic production. The workshop has emerged as a synthesis of the pop-up research project kaeur studio, which specialises in an interface-oriented and interdisciplinary discussion of contexts from the fields of art, aesthetics, philosophy and law in order to promote interdisciplinary exchange.​


> Livestreams from all Local Hubs on Youtube

> Virtual Hackathon on Zoom

> Gathertown

> Social Wall

> SAAI Factory I CryptoVoxels

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FUNDED BY Fonds Darstellende Künste through the support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Goethe Institut, India Week Hamburg 2021.IN COLLABORATION WITH Allianz Kulturstiftung in the frame of "The Future of Code Politics".IN COOPERATION WITH King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Artificial Intelligence Research Center Hamburg (ARIC), ZKM, Hertz-Labor, 1. KI-Biennale Essen 2022, ZHdK Zürich, Hochschule der Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg (HKS).