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© Laura Salerno
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© Laura Salerno

K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg / Clarissa Sacchelli



Q&A mit Clarissa Sacchelli im Anschluss, 20:30 Uhr, über Zoom, moderiert von: Adriana Almeida Pees (Theater Freiburg)Das Video wird nach dem Live-Stream noch bis zum 24.04. zum Nachschauen verfügbar sein.

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Different bodies all out of their axis. No one and no body is falling or collapsing. This could defy gravity, and imagination. But imagine every body together. This is wild. WILD is a dance entangled with what happens to bodies, and to the work of dance, when one pays attention to the question of how to care. It interrogates how different bodies come to orient themselves in space and time when caring. In asking which orientations are shaped and performed when one turns towards something or someone, the work questions what is in between and beyond the vertical and horizontal orientations.

This event is taking place in the context oft the TanzHochDrei festival. You can find more information here.

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By: Clarissa Sacchelli Choreography, Performance: Carolina Callegaro, Danielli Mendes, Clarissa Sacchelli Light, technical coordination, Performance: Laura Salerno Sound design: Luisa Puterman Sound Architecture: Miguel Caldas Room, costumes: Renan Marcondes Thanks to: Associação PARASITA, Fabrício Floro, João dos Santos Martins, José Luiz Ferreira Ramos, Talita Rebizzi, Waléria Sacchelli Ramos
A production by Clarissa Sacchelli and K3 in co-production with Sesc São Paulo. Sponsored by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and the Goethe Institut with the support of Cais.