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© Andy Calypso
Asset 117899
© Andy Calypso

Freestyle Connection mit Andy Calypso (2)


HIER finden Sie alle aktuellen Informationen und Corona-Regeln für Ihren Besuch. ​Diese Veranstaltung findet mit der 2G+ Regel statt: Zutritt nur für Menschen mit Nachweis einer Corona-Impfung oder -Genesung und tagesaktuellem, negativen Testergebnis (entfällt bei Nachweis der dritten Impfung / "Booster"). Es herrschen Maskenpflicht und Abstandsregeln in unseren Innenräumen, auch während der Veranstaltungen. Wir verkaufen die 2G+ Veranstaltungen weiterhin mit Abstand und reduzierter Kapazität.

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4:00 PM

Hip Hop is the basis of this workshop. Through improvisations we learn to move freely without judgement to unexpected songs.

The nationally and internationally successful dancer and choreographer has danced in theaters, festivals and street shows in Germany, Shanghai, Casablanca, Cape Town, Paris, Oslo and many more, making every stage her stage. For the hip hop dancer, who is also trained in ballet and modern dance, it is among other things this variety of stylistic and technical influences that makes her a very special and much sought-after artist on the scene. She has danced for stars such as Mark Forster, KRS ONE, Lina Strahler, Ace Tee, MOP and as a supporting act for Busta Rhmyes. Her choreographies go viral on Instagram: Pietro Lombardi, Rola, or Kool Savas are enthusiastic about »Calypso and her Army«. Andy moves as effortlessly as a director and choreographer of dance theater productions on large theater stages as in the commercial social media world. She can inspire dance connoisseurs and dance laypeople alike. As a mentor, she teaches over 200 students at the Hip Hop Academy Hamburg. She gives workshops worldwide and never loses her very own voice and her special Calypso style. Andy Calypso is an exceptional artist in the Hip Hop world.

Project Manager Darb Attabana Jugendclub: Moaeed Shekhane