Photo collage of a dance battle. Four situations with dancers of different styles in dynamic movements.
© Juste Debout
Photo collage of a dance battle. Four situations with dancers of different styles in dynamic movements.
© Juste Debout
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Juste Debout Gold: Workshops

For the first time in the 22-year history of JUSTE DEBOUT, the most important dance meeting in the world, the special edition JUSTE DEBOUT GOLD will take place on the large Kampnagel stage k6, paying tribute to the many dancers and the scene in its exclusive organisation and offering the opportunity to connect with the Hamburg community in a small circle. Numerous workshops will be offered over two days.

Past dates


12/15/23 - 12/16/23

11:30 AM

Tickets below!

Per workshop: 20 euros (Les Twins 60€) / from the 5th workshop onwards, each additional ticket costs only 15 euros*. Please note: The automatic discount is only applied once all tickets are in the shopping basket. The offer is only valid for one ticket per workshop.

*The Les Twins workshop is excluded from this offer.

The minimum age for the workshops is 8 years!

If you have any questions about this offer, please call 040-27094949 (Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm) or send an email to The tickets are linked in this table.

Friday 15.12.


Studio 1 (Probebühne 6a)

Studio 2 (Bühne k4)

Studio 3 (Probebühne 6c)

11:30-13:00Locking // candyman (FR)House// Rabah (FR)
13:00-14:30Locking // candyman (FR)House // Hiro (JP)New Way Vogue // Sattva Ninja (UK)
14:30-16:00House Dance // Caleaf (US)Popping // Nelson (FR)HipHop // Super Dave (US)
16:00-17:30Popping // Gucchon (JP)Footworking// King Charles (US)

CANCELLED! Now Sat., 11.30am

HipHop // Franky Dee (DE)
17:30-19:00House // Toyin (US)HipHop // Les Twins (FR)African Dance // Merlin (FR)
19:00-20:30HipHop // Les Twins (FR)

Samstag 16.12.


Studio 1 (Probebühne 6a)

Studio 2 (Bühne k4)

Studio 3 (Probebühne 6c)

10:00-11:30House Dance // Caleaf (US)Locking // hurrikane (US)Popping // Nelson (FR)
11:30-13:00Footworking // King Charles (US)Popping// MT Pop (Viet)HipHop // Sophie May (FR)

Candyman: Definitely a prodigy in termes of dance, musicality, character. Candyman is the mid generation of House dancer & Locking dancer in France. Every one of his dance passages is worthy a finale.

Caleaf: Caleaf is from NY & he is a member of dance fusion and is one of the first HipHop / House dance Groups still on the map today, since years and for years. The chance to have a real House Dance OG at Kampnagel is a luxury.

Gucchon: One of the most influential & original Popping dancer from Osaka, Japan. Gucchon's character et technicality is amazing.

Hiro: Hiro is the first Japanese to be part of dance fusion (from NY) with Norrico. His house dance style is identifiable worldwide. He inspires many Japanese and worldwide dancers.

Nelson: One of the best body beat boxers in the world. Nelson's popping style is really an amazing ressources of creativity, musicality, and technicality as well.

Les Twins: Their connection and feeling is unpredictable. Dancers for many artistes like Beyoncé , they bring their hip hop styles on the dance floor all over the world.

King Charles: One of the best dancers in the globe, King Charles is able to dance HipHop but he is also one of the first dancers representing footworking in Europe and the world.

Franky Dee: One of the most popular German hip hop dancers. Franky dee, ground moves and improvisation is amazing & indescribable.

Super Dave: Effects, versatility, musicality & fitness, Super Dave will teach you how to caress the floor.

Sophie May: Young and versatile, Sophie can teach house & hip hop, she is one of the rising stars in the dance world and her pedagogy is already at the top level.

Toyin: She is one of the most brilliant dancers with a particular style, finesse and power; from the top to the floor, she is embracing the love of the dance and transmitting it. She is teaching House dance.

Merlin: We have one of the most beautiful African dance teachers in the Kampnagel building. Rhythm, character, singing, power, and energizer... his class will change your perception of dance for life. If you don't try his class, you will miss a lot.

Juste Debout Gold is a production of Juste Debout in coproduction with Kampnagel with the support of FC St.Pauli, funded by The Stiftung Fußball & Kultur