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Kotka Gudmon

AGENCY (Installation)


16.00-21.00 Uhr an Wochentagen, 14.00-21.00 Uhr am Wochenende.

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The Hamburg artist is showing two works on collective agency: a walk-through installation at the Magellan Terraces and an immersive VR performance in the Hauptkirche St. Katharinen.

With the installation AGENCY and the participatory VR performance AGENTS, the artist Kotka Gudmon and her German-Canadian-Hungarian team open up immersive spaces that deal with the concept of »agency« – the ability of subjects to act. Where the agency of individuals begins and ends is a central question in the global pandemic, but also arises in the context of climate change or state structures to which people are at the mercy.

In the multimedia installation AGENCY at the Magellan Terraces, the audience can undergo a multimedia agent aptitude test at the threshold of digitality and reality: In a sound challenge, the ability to act and cooperate can be tested in pairs; an interactive video installation lets participants immerse themselves in the exciting world of AGENCY.

Curation, Concept: Kotka Gudmon Machinima Film: Gina Hara Dramaturgy: Nathalie Giele Music: Vincent Dombrowski, Yvonne Dombrowski Interaction Design: Marton Juhasz Advice on Space and Aesthetics: Christin Vahl Graphics: Simon Smith Performance: Linda Lou Dierich-Matzke, Marco Merenda, Max Mandery, Nagila Reis Exhibition Assistant: Carlton lee Morgan, Moritz Clasen