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Brennpunkt Hauptbahnhof: Probleme lindern und lösen – aber wie?

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7:00 PM

Even if the Wandelhalle of Hamburg's main railway station has recently gained a new attraction with the restored, imposing Atlas statue - the surrounding area offers a less glamorous scenery. There, one is confronted with the signs of impoverishment, sees drug addicts and homeless people. Can the problems be solved in a humane way, or at least alleviated? No one can remain indifferent to what is happening in one of the busiest places in the Free and Hanseatic City. Are there approaches and signs of solidarity when it comes to the "fringe groups" of society? What do those responsible in the neighbouring cultural venues - museums, theatres - have to say? The Kulturforum Hamburg invites you to a discussion.

Tulga Beyerle (director of the MKG), Ulrich Hermannes ("Hoffnungsorte"), Gerd Streng (architect) and others will discuss. Moderation: Florian Zinnecker (DIE ZEIT)