So Sner Sam Prekop Web Collage
© So Sner (Schiko) / Sam Prekop & John McEntire (Markus Luigs)
So Sner Sam Prekop Web Collage
© So Sner (Schiko) / Sam Prekop & John McEntire (Markus Luigs)

John McEntire & Sam Prekop / So Sner

TAL-Label Konzert


Pre-Sale 23 Euro / evening box 25 Euro

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8:00 PM

TAL is an internationally active music label for contemporary music based in Düsseldorf, founded in 2016 by Stefan Schneider. The label focuses on participation, cooperation and exchange and presents two label acts on this evening: Sam Prekop and John McEntire, as members of The Sea And Cake, are central protagonists of the Chicago music scene, which from the early 90s onwards created completely new sound designs between jazz, instrumental music and electronics. In recent years, they have used modular synthesizers and self-built electric drums to create highly individual electronic music in which repetition and melody are defining elements. Last year Sam Prekog released THE SPARROW on TAL Records, and together with John McEntire the album SONS OF on Thrill Jockey, which was reviewed as "Best New Music" at

The second act is the duo SO SNER (Vienna/Düsseldorf), consisting of bass clarinettist Susanna Gartmayer and label boss and musician Stefan Schneider (electronics). The two design an open, experimental sound whose trace goes back to the UK of the early 80s – an era in which jazz and electronics, avant-garde and polyrhythms were rearranged in such a way that manifold sketches of possible music emerged.