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Chuck D

HipHop Academy / Chuck D / Bakari Kitwana



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Die HipHop Academy präsentiert eine essenzielle Veranstaltung! Wir freuen uns auf Chuck D von Public Enemy und Bakari Kitwana, Autor von »The Hip Hop Generation«. Beide werden je einen Vortrag von 45 Minuten Länge halten, gefolgt von einer Frage & Antwort Runde, bei der mit beiden Künstlern in den Dialog getreten werden kann.Die Vorträge drehen sich um folgende Themen:MUSE SICK-N-HOUR MESS AGE (Chuck D) Can hip-hop artists maintain cultural integrity and financial control in the face of the corporate music industry’s profit agenda? A pioneer of music downloading, who launched in the 1990s, the legendary rapper, political activist, author, publisher, radio show host and producer Chuck D will address the evolution of the music industry (from record sales, digital music downloading to the current trend of music streaming) and its impact on hip-hop culture, artists and consumers. His lecture will explore intersection of popular culture, technology, corporatization and politics, while challenging the audience to build bridges of communication across cultural and global divides.WAITING FOR A RIOT? (Bakari Kitwana) Bakari Kitwana will present a round-up of mobilization efforts that have emerged among hip-hop activist organizations and beyond in response to the recent wave of police violence and killings of young Blacks in the US, from Mike Brown in August 2014 to the present. The history of US police militarization and public policy of Black youth criminalization will also be considered, two themes at the heart of Kitwana’s bestselling book The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and The Crisis in African American Culture. Central to this lecture is entrenched policing culture as it relates to institutional racism, wealth, power, employment and income inequality—all obstacles to needed transformation.