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This exchange platform sparks and gives many insights into opportunities, problems and possibilities of artistic work in large groups and collectives. In a one-day training camp with interested people and professionals from different knowledge is shared and concepts are further developed. What can be can be learned from collective work and what needs to be changed structurally so that the barriers do not take up all the space? What does the gathering teach beyond the theater beyond? From tandem to show to reality and back again!

How can it be organized so that everyone can work well? How can work be done can we work on an equal footing? How can well-rehearsed roles be given up or unlearned, and new ones can be taken over? So that everyone can participate as well as possible in the training camp, simple language is used and, in between, dancing is encouraged when the heads are smoking too much. The training camp is open to colleagues and interested people from all over the country to work together in working groups and workshops. to find further strategies together or to consolidate what has already been done in the community of many. And when the training camp is over and the last show is played, there will be a party with the the last show, there will be a party with the most democratic music Kampnagel has ever has ever heard!

Tip: In episode #3 of the podcast INZWISCHEN, Lis-Marie Diehl and Melanie Lux, part of the Artistic Direction Team, tell us what the DEMOCRATIC BOOTCAMP is and reveal insider info from the rehearsal process.

Tipp: Democratic Bootcamp / 01.12.2022

Bet there's never been a show like this before! In this BOOTCAMP, eight theatre groups come together for a family duel. They exchange ideas about how they can work well or sometimes not so well together and why this art becomes the game of life. "Deal or no Deal" is the name of the game weeks in advance, when tandems of two theatre collectives each meet to find their ideal place on the show stage; for example, as a wheel of fortune, a sweetheart or the hot prize. This fast-paced show challenges the tandem teams to get involved. In a game of first or last word and visibility of shared concerns. Dalli Dalli! A dazzling gathering by and with Frl. Wunder AG, i can be your translator, Meine Damen und Herren, She She Pop, SKART / MOTU, Theater Hora, Theater Thikwa, Turbo Pascal and many more.

Curators: Lis Marie Diehl, Nele Jahnke, Jutta Schubert Trainer: Tina Pfurr

With: 50 Trainingslager-visitors, Tobias Brunwinkel (Theater Thikwa), Simone Burckhardt (MDUH), Dorothee de Place (freie Regisseurin / formfrei e.V.), Lis Marie Diehl (i can be your translator & Meine Damen und Herren > MDUH), Anna Fierz (Theater Hora), Eva Hartmann (Personal and Executive Coach), Patrizia Kubanek (dorisdean), Nele Jahnke (Münchner Kammerspiele), Konstantin Langenick (Theater Thikwa), Melanie Lux (MDUH), Noa Michalski (MDUH), Sibylle Peters (FUNDUS THEATER / Forschungstheater FT), Tina Pfurr (Performerin), Maja Polk (Münchner Kammerspiele), Sandra Rasch (Theatre pedagogue), Canan Salman (formfrei e.V.), Celina Scharff (MDUH), Melanie Schmitt (kaethe:k Kunsthaus), Jutta Schubert (EUCREA), Philipp Schulte (Dramaturg), Isabel Schwenk (Expert Theatre & easy language), Silke Stuck (Theater Thikwa), Moritz von Rappard (Dramaturg), Martina Vermaaten (MDUH), Noa Winter (Curator)

Translation to DGS: Clara Bosse, Katrin Kukla Helping Hands: Paebe Mannot, Eileen Weber-Wollin, Henrik Weber, Levi Meeuwsen Production management: Milena Fischer PR: Claire Diraison, Johanna Geißler, Anja Michalke