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Remembering and Demanding

Four years after the racist attack in Hanau

With Ceren Türkmen, Tuğsal Moğul, Suna J. Voß, Asmara Habtezion and Sham Jaff.


Possible triggers: thematisation of racist murders

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7:00 PM

On 19 February 2020, nine people were murdered in a racist attack in Hanau. 2024 marks the fourth anniversary of the murders. This gathering therefore offers the opportunity to come together, mourn, remember and continue to demand a consistent reappraisal. In view of the rising number of racist offences and the strengthening of right-wing ideologies in Germany, it is more important than ever to actively support this political remembrance work and to focus on the needs of those affected.

Ceren Türkmen is an author, activist and research assistant at the Center for Remembrance Culture, Human Rights and Democracy in Duisburg, a member of the Duisburg 1984 initiative and a member of the Berlin Senate's Advisory Board for Participation.

Tuğsal Moğul is a German-Turkish director, playwright and doctor. In his play "And now Hanau", he reconstructs the right-wing extremist murder attack in Hanau with four actors from Münster and Oberhausen, reveals the blatant failure of the authorities and radically adopts the perspective of the victims. The focus of his work is on migration/racism/right-wing extremism.

Suna J. Voß is an anti-racism trainer in Hamburg and founded the Perspekt Initiative für diskriminierungskritische Bildung. She has an MSSc Peace and Conflict Studies and an MA International Relations. In her spare time she is active in fights for a liberated society.

Asmara Habtezion is an activist and community organizer and founder of the association Asmara's World e.V.. Asmara is known in Hamburg as the woman who moves mountains with nothing. Asmara does everything alone with people she has already helped and her large network of helpers, activists and organizations. For her, her critical attitude and her belief in solidarity are the keys to human coexistence.

Sham Jaff is a freelance journalist and political scientist based in Berlin. She focuses on the topics of global justice, migration and racism. Since 2014, she has been writing the newsletter "what happened last week" to bring underreported issues from the so-called Global South to the fore in the North.