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Marc Sinan

MANİFEST[O] – Ein Polytopisches Oratorium


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Marc Sinan's polytopic oratorio MANİFEST(O) combines seven individual performances staged at key locations of the acts of the so-called NSU into a fulllength work. From seven cities, including Hamburg, parts of the performances taking place there are digitally transmitted to Jena and Nuremberg on three evenings and mix in a precisely coordinated way into the full-length oratorio performed live there. Two works will be presented in Hamburg.

Ritual Der Reinigung: Der Altar Der Rache / İntİkam SunaĞi

Mirko Borscht, Jelena Kuljić, Mateja Meded und Volkan T error

Fri-22.10. / 18:00
free entrance
venue: Piazza

How do people and societies in the 21st century process the consequences of man's crimes against man? How does a society cleanse itself of untilgbar guilt and residual negative energies? A group of artists, who were and are particularly affected by the terror of the so-called NSU, deals with these questions in this ritual performance.

HERE is the evening sheet to download.

Ritual Der Trauer: Blinde Liebe / KÖr AŞk

Derya Yıldırım, Greta Eacott, Tobias Levin

Thu-28.10. and Sun-31.10. / 19:00
free entrance
venue: k2

Together with percussionist Greta Eacott and sound designer Tobias Levin, singer and Bağlama player Derya Yildirim develops a dense musical program beyond traditional attributions. Sounds are created between electronics and Anatolian music, which tell of faith in, as well as about the difficulties of living together.

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