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Me And My Drummer

Konzert / Support: Fabian Simon


pre-sale 17 euro / evening box 19 euro

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9:00 PM



9:00 PM

New concert date: 8th March 2016

The concert had to be moved to a different date due to illness of Charlotte Brandi. Tickets will be valid for the concert on 8th March. You can also ask for a refund by email to

Hailing from Berlin duo Me And My Drummer release their sophomore album »Love Is A Fridge« in February 2016. Three years after the release of their highly respected debut album »The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey« this outstanding band looks back on a colourful as well as restless story. Now, with »Love Is A Fridge« they achieve new heights.When Me And My Drummer release their debut in 2012 Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs make a more than fabulous start. Almost incidentally they provide the rebellious hit single »You're A Runner«, which - with its driving impulsiveness and ecstatic finale - doesn't follow the usual formula at all. Subsequently they play more than 150 shows across Europe and the UK. And meanwhile collaborate with likewise outstanding artists Kat Frankie, Tale Of Us and Breton before they allow themselves a break and finally concentrate completely on writing a second album.The band makes a radical cut: Temporary Brandi and Pröllochs get free of all business structures and completely reflect on themselves. They start writing new music ignoring all expectations and all pressure. On their own the two test different producers and eventually record first versions in the summer of 2014.Not satisfied with the outcome Brandi and Pröllochs decide against a hasty action on purpose. Using the momentum of the debut and following up with a second album, would have been logical. But the two of them stay uncompromising. The result is not coherent; the recordings get discarded. In Olaf Opal, producer of The Notwist among others, Me And My Drummer find the right ally after all. In his studio in Bochum they declare zero hour in the spring of 2015. Together they work out little by little with what Me And My Drummer aren't less than 100% content: »Love Is A Fridge«.The new Me And My Drummer lose none of the sublime of »The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey« and yet are more colourful, eclectic and danceable. Kaleidoscopic they open up new horizons with each track. Brandi lays her disarmingly intimate lyrics over luminous textures between ambient and high voltage synths. In this sense »Love Is A Fridge« ties in to the debut album. Though Brandi is more straightforward now: She approaches the addressee unabashed and open. And still unties relationship troubles and deals with contradictions of togetherness: This is about love and ego, nostalgia and madness, about depression, resignation, discipline and art.Musically Me And My Drummer are more experimental and brave, the compositions more complex and frank. Classic songs like »Blue Splinter View« or »Pentonville Road« face fragmentary beauties as »Easy On Me« or the nearly jam-like track »Prague I & II«. In addition the band allows itself to open up soundwise and lets Brandi play an urging, sometimes folk, sometimes grunge e-guitar on some of the new pieces.»Love Is A Fridge« reveals the force and intimacy Me And My Drummer's musical uncompromissingness creates. A captivating immediacy they celebrate in their music and continue to determine. It is the great pleasure of directly participating in the exchange of two fantastic musicians.

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